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Your Transformative Experience Awaits... 


A mother; a sister; a wife; a daughter; a friend.

Beneath all the layers lies a woman who deserves to fall unapologetically in love with herself. Every scar and mark is a vital piece of a story all your own, and that every woman can be her own kind of beautiful. Now is the time to celebrate your successes, honor your struggles and face the future with confidence. The stronger, more confident vision you have for yourself is in there - allow me to introduce you. I believe you were given an incredible story.


The Experience.

No. 1

Open Up

There is always a "why", and I want to hear yours. I want to know what has led you towards choosing a boudoir experience.

I am here for you. Tell me your pain points and your fears. Knowing these things gives me a springboard to help you heal, to help you challenge yourself, and to leave you with more clarity about your purpose.



Your boudoir experience has been designed to inspire your confidence, remind you of your value and capture your beauty in all seasons of life. I am here to navigate you through the process and help you create an authentic and heartfelt experience tailored to your vision, with photos that will help you recharge and reconnect with the unique brand of beautiful that only you possess.

Boudoir Session Includes:
• On-site Professional Hair/Makeup Application
• Wardrobe Consultation
• 3-4 Wardrobe Changes 
• 1 Hour Boudoir Shoot
• Professional Retouching
• Image Reveal & Ordering Session


Session fee: $400

Images and heirloom products are sold separately.


I. Are seeking to reclaim their femininity

II. Want to see the beauty that others so easily see in them

III. Need an empowering experience to remind them of their strength

IV. Want to reconnect with who they truly are


V. Desire feeling worthy, valued, and truly beautiful

The BBP Experience is

for women who...

Kind Words

"Boudoir is something that has always both fascinated and terrified me. The idea of being exposed when I don't feel like I'm sexy enough or the 'perfect' woman is nerve racking. Meg made all my nerves go away and showed me how beautiful I truly am. These photos tell a story of who I am and I am so grateful."

- Hannah -

"I was always told to cover up. I wore hoodies and baggy clothes to hide, and had absolutely no self confidence. When I found out I was pregnant I was nervous because I knew I would be getting bigger, and the bigger I got, the more my confidence went down the drain. So what did I do? I booked a boudoir session at nine months pregnant. The biggest I have ever been, but in the same way, it was the most beautiful I have ever been. My session was two weeks before I gave birth. I was so scared and told myself I couldn't do it, but Meg made the thoughts in my head disappear. She made me feel so comfortable the minute I walked in, telling me how amazing I looked as she snapped each photo. These moments made me feel the most beautiful that I have ever felt, and I wouldn't change this experience for anything. Meg, you have no idea what you have done for me in creating this art."

- Brittany -

"Accepting my body was the hardest thing to do, especially after three
c-sections. I felt ugly, fat, gross - just not sexy. Then I booked my session. Not only was Meg fantastic, but she made me feel so amazing every second. I strongly encourage any woman to book a shoot. I swear you're going to see yourself in a whole new light!"

- Hailey -


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