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Hey there, I'm Meg!



In 2018, I saw a lot of negativity in the world. The media continuously portrayed people against people, and it seemed to trickle down into people feeling negative about themselves; mind, body and spirit. It wasn't until a friend of mine started talking to me about her difficulties accepting her excess skin from her weight loss journey that it finally clicked for one is perfect! We are perfectly imperfect beings who are our own unique kind of beautiful, and that is something that must be celebrated!
It was then that I decided to expand my wedding photography business to include boudoir experiences. I finished my in-home studio in June 2020, and the rest is history.

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Based in Fox Lake, Illinois | Photographing feminine beauty from around the world

I love travel.

The "travel bug" didn't bite until I was 24. I have always had fun traveling, but my wanderlust spiked after my August 2016 trip to Colorado. Our 1-night, 17 mile round trip backpacking venture into the Aspen Wilderness was the first of many backpacking trips, but is still #1 for being the most challenging. Although the struggle was real while hiking, I will be forever grateful to that trail. As I watched the sun set behind the peaks from a natural hot spring nestled between the mountains I just hiked through for hours, I decided to start making travel a priority.

In the short time between my "travel awakening" and now, I have had the opportunity to road trip around the US, and visit so many unique and jaw-dropping countries around the world.

In my free time, I love blogging, creating photo albums and reminiscing about my adventures. Being able to share the beauty and diversity of the world with my friends and family, and giving them a push to explore it for themselves, is something I am very thankful for.

Fair warning - if you start talking "travel" with me, be prepared for an hour chat about destinations, travel hacks and stories. We may just get lost in our wanderlust. 

Top 3 Places I've Been

#1: Angkor Wat Temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia

#2: Ring Road in Iceland

#3: Cracker Lake in Montana, USA


My personal bucket list rivals Santa's Naughty & Nice List.

Visit my travel page to check out some of my bucket list photo destinations.

a9-11-16 Hanni (31)-Edit.jpg

Some people have fur babies...I have snake babies. Snakes are incredible creatures, and each species is unique. They slither different, look different, and even eat different. Currently I have one king snake named Hannibal, or Hanni for short. King snakes get their name from being the king of all snakes. This is because they are cannibalistic (hence his name). They are also immune to venom, making them able to defeat a rattlesnake. 

I'm a snake momma.

Fun Facts about Us

#1: Portillo's is our go-to restaurant.

#2: We continuously cycle through the 9 seasons of The Office.

#3: We are huge Wisconsin sports fans - Packers, Brewers, Bucks, Bagders!

#4: We take the same kissy photo every year on our dating anniversary.

#5: We got married on 10.15.20! 


I'm happily taken!

In 2000, Max, a boy who lived down the street from me, came to a garage sale at my house. Since I had a crush on him, I gave him a roll of newly released Sacagawea coins. Little did my 7 year old self realize that the coins were worth $1 each! The following year, my family moved away, and our lives went in separate directions.

Over 10 years past, but with the help of fate, a long string of coincidences and a dash of social media, we reconnected. And to sweeten the story even more, he had kept all the Sacagawea coins I had given him so many years ago.
Since 2012, we have traveled the world together, bought a home and after a beautifully planned proposal at Devil's Lake, we updated our relationship status to "married" in 2020!

In Spring of 2022, we officially received the new titles of Mom and Dad, as we welcomed our first child into the world.

Are you recently engaged?

Let's chat & talk proposals, wedding colors, vendors, venues & more!

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What is the "1 of One" project?

The purpose of the 1 of One project is to show how people are one of a kind, and still all part of humankind.

My goal is to show the wonderful diversity among people, by their experiences, accomplishments and characteristics. Yet, by putting their faces alongside a list of unique descriptions, one of which was provided by each person, you will not know who has experienced what. You will only know they are all HUMAN.

I love meeting new people.

I am a strong believer of unity among people and being able to celebrate what makes us unique. Each person has different experiences, opinions and qualities that makes them a one of a kind individual. Yet, each of us is human, and is "one" in the larger whole of humankind. I  love communicating with others who share different experiences and opinions other than my own, and learning about their individual stories.

Since starting the 1 of One project in the spring of 2017, I have met with dozens of people, including a 9/11 first responder, an immigrant, a thru hiker, and so many more amazing people. I have learned that by listening to others, and by not judging them for having a difference of opinion, we can truly understand, respect and appreciate each other.

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