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Listed below are a few things to remember before your session takes place, along with a Lingerie Guide to help get you started with outfit selection.


• Do not spray tan prior to your session as a majority of spray tans tend to photograph orange, even if you look brown in person

• Consider getting your nails painted, or cleaned up nicely

• Moisturize in the days leading up to your session to help ensure your skin is glowing on the day of

• Wax or shave (if you are doing so) at least 48 hours prior to your session to avoid redness

​• Avoid alcohol the night before and day of your session

• To avoid lines on your skin from tight clothing, consider traveling to your session wearing no bra, no underwear, comfy pants and a loose shirt that comes off easily as to not ruin your hair/makeup

• Arrive to your session ON TIME - not early and not late

• Arrive to your session with a clean, makeup-free face, along with dry hair

• Try on any outfits you will be bringing to your session prior to your session date

• Avoid purchasing thigh high tights that have an elastic band as they push on the skin and cause bulging

• Accessorize - jewelry, heels

• Bring 3-5 outfits to ensure we have enough variety and in case an item doesn't work out as planned - 2 outfit minimum if you're planning to use the client closet

​• Using the client closet? Bring a nude or black thong to wear under the items



BRA & PANTY SETS are super sexy, but proper fit is extremely important to flatter the body correctly. The area near the armpit should look smooth and your breasts should fit perfectly within the cups.

CORSETS are meant to cinch your waist and give you an hourglass figure. They usually have ties in the back that help create your shape.

BUSTIERS are similar to corsets in coverage, but do not normally cinch at the waist. Although they do offer built in cups that give nice breast support.

TEDDIES are suits that cover the whole torso in one garment. It's similar to a one-piece swimsuit, but is typically more sheer.

BODYSUITS are close-fitting, one-piece garments. Since these pieces are considered clothing, they are typically less revealing than teddies.

SHAPEWEAR is a type of tight-fitting underwear intended to control and shape the figure.

BABYDOLLS are short, sleeveless nightgowns. Most feature a bralette with an attached, loose-fitting skirt, which falls between the belly button and upper thigh.

GARTER BELTS are worn around the waist and have attached fasteners to hold up stockings, or thigh highs. Some lingerie pieces have built in garters, so a belt isn't needed.

FISHNETS are stockings with an open, diamond-shaped knit. The larger the diamonds, the better.

SLIPS are light "dresses" meant to be worn under a dress, which often have built in cups for support.

CLOTHING is a great option for boudoir. Think about a leather jacket, ripped jeans, off the shoulder sweater, men's dress shirt (for that morning after look), or a sheer T-shirt. It's also a great option to mix lingerie and clothing, such as a white tee, panties and fishnets.



Want to show off your abs? Bra & panty sets are perfect for showing off a little skin.

Self-conscious about your tummy? There are many options for help conceal your stomach area, if you don't want to overemphasize it. Teddies and bodysuits are perfect for a super sexy vibe, or you can try a beautiful lace robe over a bra and panty set. There is also shapewear and clothing options as well.

Need a lift? Before going straight for a push up bra, look for demi cup or underwire bras that offer strong support with adding too much size. Good support is more important than padding any day. Bustiers are great too if you need some extra support but want a little more coverage.

Are booty shots your favorite? I recommend bottoms that show just enough, but not too much - cheeky or Brazilian bottoms over thongs.

Want long gorgeous legs? Look for high cut panties, teddies and bodysuits. The higher the leg opening, the longer your legs will look. Heels can also help elongate those legs.

Concerns about your arms? Long-sleeved bodysuits, button downs over some killer lingerie, or even an off the shoulder sweater are all great options.


All clients have access to my ever-growing Client Closet during their session. My collection offers a variety of 100+ pieces in sizes ranging from XS through 2X.

If you're interested in using the Client Closet during your session, I suggest bringing at least two of your own outfit selections just in case you do not connect with what I have to offer at the studio. You will have time before your photography session begins to look through the closet and try anything on that you may like.

A nude/black thong of your own, or a disposable panty (available at the studio), MUST be worn under any and all items borrowed from the Client Closet.

All items are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every use.

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