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~  2,950  ~

60 digital images

10x10 Heirloom Photo Album
Two Image Folio

5x7 Prints in a Handmade Wood Box 
$750 Print Credit


~  1,300  ~

20 digital images

5x5 Little Black Book

$300 Print Credit


~  2,375  ~

40 digital images

8x8 Heirloom Photo Album

5x7 Prints in a Handmade Wood Box

$500 Print Credit


~  725  ~

10 digital images

4x6 Prints in a Glass Keepsake Box


~  1,900  ~

30 digital images

8x8 Heirloom Photo Album

$500 Print Credit

Additional images can be added to any Collection for $85/image.

All digital images included in the Boudoir Collections will be presented in a password protected, online gallery.

Add 8.75% sales tax to all Collections


Digitals + Prints Sets


Prints Sets

5x7 Prints, Custom USB with Digitals & Handmade Wooden Box
60 images - $2,375
40 images - $1,950
30 images - $1,625
20 images - $1,300
10 images - $975

60 digital images - $2,150
40 digital images - $1,725
30 digital images - $1,450
20 digital images - $1,100
10 digital images - $600

4x6 Prints & Glass Keepsake Box
10 prints - $375
20 prints - $500

5x7 Prints & Glass Keepsake Box
10 prints - $500
20 prints - $600

Add on only option

Canvas Wraps


11x14 - $300
16x24 - $375
20x30 - $475
24x36 - $625

Add on only option

5x5 Little Black Book - $350
8x8 Heirloom Album - $575
10x10 Heirloom Album - $850

Add on only option

Metal Prints

11x14 - $250
16x24 - $450
20x30 - $600
24x36 - $875

Add on only option


Fine Print

Sessions should be scheduled a minimum of 12 weeks before you need your final artwork.

Session fee is required to book.

Retainers and payments are non-refundable. 

Collections, prints, albums, and digitals are available in addition to the session cost. 

Digital images, artwork and products take 8-12 weeks to produce and receive.


Artwork and products will be delivered after package payment is paid in full.

Add 8.75% sales tax to all Collections and product orders, excluding digital images.

Payment Plans

All purchase decisions are made the day of your reveal. We accept cash and checks, and also offer an in-house payment plan.

Terms of Pre-Session Payment Plan:

The chosen package cost will be split evenly in the months prior to your session (up to a 6 month 
maximum), and early payments are accepted without penalty. 
Only upgrades, no downgrades,
are allowed at your in person reveal  

Terms of Post-Session (0% interest) Payment Plan:

A 25% deposit required on the day of ordering

The balance is split evenly over the next 6 months

Early payments are accepted without penalty

All Sales are Final. No Refunds or Credits.


I'm self-conscious about my body. What is your editing process?

My standard editing processing consists of magazine quality retouching, lighting/color adjustments and skin smoothing. I edit out harsh skin texture and blemishes, but I do not alter your body's form in any way. I am here to help you celebrate who you are, not what Photoshop manipulation can make you. Remember, even on the days you don’t feel it, you are so beautiful, and trust me, you will see yourself in a new light and truly appreciate your body! With that being said, I do offer editing requests. Have a scar that is a bad memory? I will be happy to take it out! Don't want your photos retouched at all? I can do that too! It's totally up to you how much you want your photos edited.

How do I know if the boudoir experience is right for me?

If you are a living breathing woman who has an intense desire to love yourself well, boudoir is right for you. I encourage you to make sure that you are doing this experience for you, first and foremost. It can be a great gift for a significant other, but there needs to be an underlying desire to really dig deep with this experience in order to get maximum results. Your age, weight, race, or size does NOT matter. You are your own unique kind of beautiful.

What is included in the boudoir session fee?

Your boudoir experience has been designed to inspire your confidence, remind you of your value and capture your beauty in all seasons of life. Your boudoir session fee includes on-site professional hair/makeup application, 1 hour boudoir shoot, 3-4 wardrobe changes, access to our client closet, professional retouching, and an image reveal and ordering session. Please keep in mind that all images and heirloom products are sold separately.

When should I book a session?

Short answer is “ASAP”. In general, if you are looking to have physical products by a certain date, your session should take place at least 12 weeks in advance of your deadline as I have an allotted turn around time of 90 days. If you're considering a payment plan, please allow extra time between your session date and your deadline date in order to make your payments. The 90 day turnaround time begins after your image reveal takes place and when the chosen package is paid in full. My yearly schedule fills up quickly and sessions are generally scheduled to 6-9 months in advance.

When are your boudoir sessions offered?

My boudoir sessions are offered on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. All sessions begin with hair and makeup starting at 10am at my in-home studio in Fox Lake, IL.

Do I supply my own outfits, and what do I wear?

Don’t worry beautiful - I’ve got you along this entire journey. Once you are officially booked (yay, happy dance!), I will send over a complete boudoir session guide, which is designed to help you through the prep portion of your experience. It guides you through shopping for the perfect items to match your body type and how to prepare before your session. If you need any additional help, I am always available for a consult prior to your session to make sure you feel confident in your selection. You will also have access to my ever-growing lingerie closet. My collection has over 100 pieces from sizes XS-2X. We only request that you bring at least two of your own outfits just in case you do not connect with what I have to offer in my client closet. All items are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every use.

Do you help with posing during the session?

Of course! Before your session begins, we will chat about your comfortability level along with the overall look you'd like for your images. From there, I will guide you through everything - posing you from your head to your fingertips, where to look, what to do with your hands, and even how to breathe. As soon as you see yourself on the back of my camera your fears will melt away and you will see just how freaking glamorous you are!

Do my images have to be shared on social media and your website?

Nope! While most of my clients are so proud of their images that they want them shared all over, we do not require you to do so! These are your photos and I support your privacy. During your image reveal you will be able to choose which type of photo release you prefer.

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